Cheryl Scott

Welcome to my Site!

My name is Cheryl Scott and I do lots of different things.

I am mother to the most fabulous special child in the world, a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. 

 As a former ballerina and graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts, I love all forms of art. In addition to my familiar activities I enjoy participating in all forms of art and art related psychology. 

From Florida State University, I hold a master's degree in Counseling & Human Systems, a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and 22 post graduate credits in Psychology.  I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor from the state of Florida with 20+ years of professional Mental Health & Psychology work including Adjunct Professor, Workshop Provider, Counseling, Assessment, and related psychology activities.  

I have been absent from work on my website for several years while working on being a good mum.  As my child ages and becomes more independent I will now have time for writing again.  I will be updating this site with fixes to broken links and adding new articles of interest.   

Check out some of my websites below and read my articles on my link page.  If you have a topic for me to write upon or need website let me know.  I make free websites for special people and write new articles of interest.


Here are some of the websites I have made:  

Renascent Dance Theatre 

 ReallyGoodSoap - my website for the soap I make